Trying to find a good quality blender can be a time consuming task. Do you go with the cheapest one at Walmart? Or do you purchase a top of the line professional grade blender? Some of the cheapest blenders can go aslow as $, and the professional blenders go for $$$$. There are few questions that one can ask when determining the quality of blender they will shop for. How often do you blend? Once a month or once a week? Are you a green smoothie fan?

Compare your Blender

Vitamix 5200Vitamix 520064 oz$$$$4.6
Blendtec-WildsideBlendtec Signature Series96 oz$$$$4.4
Living Well HealthMaster EliteMontel Williams Blender70 oz$$3.5
Ninja Professional BlenderNinja 600 Blender72 oz$$3.7

Types of Blenders

There are two type of blenders, Immersion and Countertop. Immersion blenders are handheld stick shaped with a small blender blade positioned at the bottom of the stick. Using an immersion blender allows you blender larger amounts of food. This is because you can use a large bowl, and won’t be constricted by the size of the blenders jar. Immersion blenders are great when preparing cooked or baked goods. The other type of blender is the countertop blender. Countertop blenders are the mainstay for the kitchen. These are what most people think of when you talk about kitchen blenders. The countertop blender will come with a higher wattage blender with multiple speed controls. This type of blender is great when making smoothies or mixed drinks. The one downside would be that you are constricted by the size of the container.


Benefits of having a Blender

Your’re busy. Do you always seem to ask the question Where does the time go? Well having a blender around can help someone if they are really busy.

Short on time. Most busy indivduals will also find themselves short on time.

Need to eat healthy. Eating healthy is a top priority for most people. But as usual people  tend to have more important things taking up their time rather than cooking healthy. With a blender you can whip up a smoothie in no time, or you could make some healthy fresh hummus.

Convenient. Being convenient is one of the benefits of having a blender. A busy person short on time could always use something that is convenient. No matter how many people you are blending for there is a blender for you. The Magic bullet is great for individuals or the big Vitamix 5200 for family sized blending.

Low Maintenance. Most blenders on the market today are extremely low maintenance. The most one would have to do it ensure that you wipe it clean after use. The internal motor and bearing are self lubricated and require no maintenance during the life of the equipment.

 A few of the Top of the line Blenders

Vitamix 5200 The Vitamix 5200 is a great blender for anyone. The price is higher than most, but this machine will provide years of dependable blending. At $449 the Vitamix would be considered a great investment for someones kitchen.

Total Blender Classic The Total Blender Classic by Blendtec is another great machine to have in your kitchen. It is at a slightly lower price point than the Vitamix coming in a $399. Don’t let the high price tag deter you, this blender will last many more years than the cheap blenders you would get from Walmart or Target.

Ninja Ultima Coming in at less than $259 this is considerablally less than the Blendtec and Vitamix. The Ninja still performs at the level of the other two blenders, but does not quite have the long standing reputation that they have. Also some of the finishes on the Ninja are not as high quality or the attention to detail is less.

A few of the Top Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix Creations Elite – This is one of the Vitamix’s newer line of blenders that have come out recently. The design and features have been updated. It is great blender for the person that is limited on space.

Vitamix 7500 – Do you need one of the most powerful blenders on the market? This includes a super powerful high performance that is super responsive. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with how easy this makes preparing different things such as smoothies, soups, or iced drinks.

Vitamix 5200 – A great all around blender. For preparing family meals to making mixed drinks on the weekend for a group of friends this blender can handle it. It comes with a large easy to use 64-ounce container.

Vitamix 6000 – State of the Art engineering is standard with the 6000. Built on the specs of a leading commercial blender, that will perfectly blend your meal the first time every time. You can get the exact texture needed to make your meals to perfection.

PictureBlenderMotorInterfaceContainerRecipe Book AcessoriesColor OptionsWarranty
Vitamix Creations EliteVitamix Creations Elite2.2 hpPulse lever, Variable Speed dial, Start/Stop lever48-ounce, conventional handleCreations (3-ring, easel-style)Mini-Tamper, tutorial DVDBlack, White only 5 years
Vitamix-7500Vitamix 75002.2 hpPulse lever, Variable Speed dial, Start/Stop lever64-ounce w/ergonomic soft-grip handle, 4-inch blade assemblySimply Fresh (hardbound)Tamper, tutorial DVDBlack, White, Red only7 years
Vitamix 5200Vitamix 52002 hpHigh/Variable lever, Variable Speed dial, On/Off Lever64-ounce, ergonomic "Soft-Grip" handleWhole Foods (3-ring, easel-style)TamperBlack, White, Red, Platinum, Brushed Stainless7 years
vitamix6000Vitamix 60002 hpPluse lever, 6 timed settings, no Variable Speed dial or lever64-ounce, ergonomic "Soft-Grip" handleCreations (spiral)Tamper, Flip-Top Beverage BottleBlack only5 years