Blendtec Tom Dickson Extreme Blender

blendtec-tomdickson-extreme-blenderThe Blendtec Tom Dickson Extreme Blender is an incredible home blender. The machine is the only one of its type that built to a high enough standard for Tom Dickson himself to endorse it right in the product’s title. Shoppers who have no idea who Tom Dickson shouldn’t feel bad. They’ve probably seen the man before but didn’t pay attention to his name. Tom Dickson is the CEO and founder of Blendtec. Unlike most endorsements, which deal with random celebrities, the Blendtec Tom Dickson Extreme Blender has the honor of being associated with the king of home blending. This device manages to live up to its high expectations as well. It has a tremendous amount of power, a lot of versatility, and amazing controls. This is a fantastic machine and something that anyone who has an interest in cooking and meal preparation should own.

People who are unfamiliar with the Blendtec brand are in for a few great surprises. The company is incredibly famous for having some of the most powerful blenders on the market. In their quite popular series of web videos and commercials called “Will It Blend?” Tom Dickson takes a Blendtec device and uses it to shred anything from a golf club to the latest iPhone. The blender always destroys the items and still manages to run smoothly. While most users won’t, and definitely should not, try to make an iPhone smoothie, they can get a lot of power out of their Blendtec Tom Dickson Extreme Blender. The machine is armed with a 2400-watt motor and it can blend through anything that is put into it. Additionally, the machine can create a variety of textures meaning that everything that it produces will match the user’s taste preference.

Meal variety is a major feature with the Blendtec Tom Dickson Extreme Blender. The machine comes with a free full color recipe book with directions to make over 300 different dishes. This device can do anything from making a healthy smoothie or delicious batch of margaritas to preparing muffins and ice cream. There really is no limit on what the unit can do. While homeowner would usually be required to buy half a dozen different machines for all of their cooking needs, the Blendtec Tom Dickson Extreme Blender can do almost anything for them. It saves on time, space, and money. The device is a great investment for anyone who likes to cook or enjoys making a variety of different types of food. There are a lot of great recipes that can be made with this device and don’t require any additional accessories or appliances.

Tom Dickson While the Blendtec Tom Dickson Extreme Blender is powerful and can make a lot of different types of meals, it is also simple to use. This is great because it spares people from having to waste a lot of time or study an overly complex control system. The unit is easy to master and even the most inexpirienced chef can easily make great meals in almost no time at all. The blender is equipped with a special control system that is unlike anything else on the market and only requires the single push of a button. The cycle button allows the machine to automatically speed up and slow down at just the right moments. This makes it easy to prepare meals perfectly every single time. There are also 25 different pre-programmed settings to help ease users into the device’s blending process. To save additional time there are even shortcut buttons that can be set so that users can easily find their favorite blending cycle and use it when they need to. The entire process is easy and can make meal preparation into a simple task that anyone can master.

The Blendtec Tom Dickson Extreme Blender is a fantastic device. This machine carries all of the great features that are traditionally associated with Blendtec and has some additional advantages as well. People who want to make great meals without worrying about complex controls or expensive accessories will love this appliance. The unit is incredibly powerful and can blend ingredients that are significantly stronger and more strenuous than anything that a chef will add into their machine. It can also produce a lot of different meals and make all kinds of desserts and side dishes as well. Lastly, the Blendtec Tom Dickson Extreme Blender is very easy to use and has an innovative one button control system that makes cooking into a simple task. This is a great device that is worth investing in.

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