Magic Bullet Blender

baby bullet blendersMany people will recognize the Magic Bullet Blender from its “as seen on TV” infomercials. While some might assume that this makes the product cheap or inferior to other blenders that aren’t advertised on infomercials, the device is actually quite good. If you ignore the televised hype that surrounds it the Magic Bullet Blender is a surprisingly effective appliance. What makes the device special is its compact size, ease of use, and powerful blades.

The majority of blenders take up a lot of space. Commercial devices can occupy huge sections of countertop. Many personal blenders are also guilty of being too bulky, they crowd kitchen counters and clutter pantries. The Magic Bullet doesn’t do this. The entire device is built around a vertical setup. This makes the blender easy to store and ideal for small kitchens. Additionally the Magic Bullet Blender breaks down easily,              allowing for more efficient storage. Even the device’s multiple blending containers, the Magic Bullet comes with personal sized “party cups,”  are easy to find a home for.

The Magic Bullet Blender seems to have been designed around simplicity. Not only does it easily break down for storage, but the device is also simple to use. Rather than having multiple settings like puree, crush, or mix the Magic Bullet Blender has one mode. This minimalistic approach makes blending into an incredibly easy process. In order to use the device you merely have to screw the blades onto the blending container, flip the container over, and push down. Once you push down on the device the Magic Bullet will begin blending. To stop it you simply need to stop pressing down. It’s a very simple concept that is surprisingly efficient and can easily be mastered by anyone.

The Magic Bullet Blender is able to function so effectively because of its “Cyclonic Cutting Zone Process.” While the title is essentially just a buzzword for marketing, the actual process is definitely not a gimmick. The device can blend almost any substance within seconds. It’s powerful blades are capable of transforming even large chunks of ice into fine grounds. While the Magic Bullet Blender works best for making smoothies and shakes, it’s blades are still incredibly impressive. Mixtures never contain clumps of ice and the blender effortlessly cuts through even the thickest of substances. For such a compact device the Magic Bullet Blender has an awful lot of power.

Thanks to the numerous infomercials, advertisements, and hype many people will have assumed that the Magic Bullet Blender is not a quality appliance. In reality the blender is a fantastic device. Commercials aside, the Magic Bullet Blender is fantastic for making smoothies and shakes. The device is compact, which frees up kitchen space and makes storage easy. It’s easy to use and utilizes a simplistic design that anyone can master. Lastly, the Magic Bullet Blender has a powerful blade system than can effectively blend even the toughest of substances. These three attributes make the Magic Blender a great kitchen accessory and quality device. You can check out the review of the Baby Bullet here.

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