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Oster Blenders provides some replacement part for your 8-speed blender.

Oster-6cup-glass-blend-jarThe first replacement part is the 6-cup Glass jar. A blender is pretty much useless if you do you have a jar for it. At $9.99 this is a great deal, and won’t break the bank if you break your jar.



oster-blender-filler-capThe filler cap is another part that is available for purchase. You gotta keep the contents of your smoothie or mix in the jar when blending at high speeds. This is a necessary part for your blender. Only $1.49.



oster-blender-jar-lidThe Jar Lid is another part that you can not go without. You might be able to forego the filler cap, but you won’t be able to blend much of anything without it going all over your kitchen. The Oster 8-speed blender Jar lid is only $2.99.