Vitamix 5200

Vitamix-5200The Vitamix 5200 is one of the best blenders that is currently available on the market. The device is highly praised and often considered to be the epitome of kitchen appliances. The device has earned this reputation due to it’s high performance, range of functions, and ease of use. Vitamix has managed to master each of these aspects and create a product that does each of these perfectly. Because of how well the company has made this device the 5200 has become a fan favorite and is Vitamix’s best selling product.

Although built in the United States the Vitamix 5200 utilizes a Swedish designed motor. This motor allows the machine’s blades to reach a peak speed of 240 miles per hour, allowing it to blend even the most difficult of substances. In addition to the high performance motor the 5200 is equipped with four stainless steel blades that can cut through almost anything. The 5200’s powerful hardware makes it possible for users to make shakes and smoothies within seconds. Additionally it ensures that everything made within the 5200 is smoothly consistent and free of and clumps or shards. When the machine blends something it does it in an effective manner that thoroughly mixes everything.

While most people associate blending solely with making smoothies, the 5200 can go far more. The unit is highly functional and can create all kinds of dishes that extend far beyond simple beverages. The machine comes with a special cookbook that showcases some of the many items that can be made within the 5200. Amongst these items are soups, nut butters, dips, breads, spreads, sauces, dressings, and desserts. The machine is capable of doing many different things and has versatility. Additionally, the 5200 can make any dish into one with high quality and at a professional level.

Despite being able to create a wide range of meals the 5200 is surprisingly easy to use. In order to regulate textures and, when necessary, temperatures users simply need to blend for the correct duration of time. While this may initially sound difficult, the included cookbook works as a great tutorial. By following a few recipes a user can understand how to make almost anything. This is an innovative design and it makes cooking incredibly easy. In addition, many users gauge the blending process by the various noises that the 5200 makes. This allows them to tell what stage of blending the device is in. While not an exact science, this method is still fairly accurate.

Vitamix has been the provider of high quality blenders for several decades. Their blenders are used by professionals across the country and are widely regarded as the best products available. The Vitamix 5200 continues this tradition by offering outstanding performance with its high output motor, diversity with the device’s ability to blend nearly every substance, and the unit’s incredibly easy user accessibility. These attributes are what have made many professional chefs and blender enthusiasts deem the device as the greatest blender on the market.

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