Vitamix Series 300

vitamix-pro-series-300People looking for a powerful and versatile home appliance need to look no further than the Vitamix Professional Series 300. This durable piece of equipment has a lot of great features that can benefit almost anyone. Crafted with quality and built to last, this unit is incredibly useful. Armed with a 2-peak horsepower motor with razor sharp blades, a large shatterproof blending chamber, and multiple blending options; this machine is incredible for anyone who wants to upgrade to a professional grade food processor. Individuals who love to cook or who host a lot of parties will appreciate this device and all that it has to offer them.

One of the many great things that the Vitamix Professional Series 300 is capable of doing is blending ingredients at incredibly high speeds. Rather than simply cutting through material this device shreds anything that is put into it and transforms it into a rich and smoothly textured substance that matches the user’s preferences. This is perfect for a wide variety of different purposeses. Whether it is being used for making cocktails at a party or creating a new sauce for a special dinner recipe, this appliance can do it all. People using the appliance will love just how powerful it actually is. There are no leftover chunks of food or inconsistencies. Everything is just shredded smoothly and turned into one consistent texture thanks to the 2-peak horsepower motor and sharp stainless steel blades. This unique configuration is what sets the machine apart from all of the other traditional blenders that are on the market. This unit is faster, more powerful, and more thorough.


On top of the fast blades and powerful motor, the Vitamix Professional Series 300 is able to pack a lot of ingredients into its shatterproof blending chamber. The machine utilizes a  Eastman Tritan container for mixing ingredients. This durable chamber is perfect for blending and can take a lot of stress. This is good because it reduces the chances of the container developing a crack or leaking out. These are two common problems faced by lesser blenders, but this unit is made to withstand excessive usage. Even thick and heavy ingredients that could easily overwhelm most containers are of little concern for people who use this device. The sturdy and well constructed blending chamber can easily hold its own against even the toughest ingredients, it has been built to last and can undergo thousands of uses. Additionally, the container is BPA free meaning that users are protected from ever having to accidentally ingest harmful chemicals and unhealthy substances.

While the Vitamix Professional Series 300 has a lot of great features like its blades and container, the machine is also armed with a fantastic control setup. Vitamix is known for their intuitive and innovative designs and this food processor is no exception. The controls are easy to use and offer a lot of customization in the blending process. Users can easily adjust and calibrate the speed so that they get the textures that they want. Using two dials, a power switch, and a toggle button this is easy to master and simple to use. People and critics both love the configuration and find it perfect for meeting their needs on each specific recipe. Whether its soup or dip that is being made, the Vitamix Professional Series 300 can do it just right. There is a certain finesse to the controls that is virtually unmatched anywhere else on the market. The company understands that smoothies, salsa, and salad dressings shouldn’t all have the same consistency so they make sure that the machine is capable of adjusting to exactly what the user needs. This keeps things from being too similar and prevents meals from having incongruent textures.


The Vitamix Professional Series 300 is a fantastic tool for making meals. It is powerful and fitted with both a high performance 2-peak horsepower motor and a set of stainless steel blades that can cut through almost anything. This is perfect for blending even the toughest ingredients and it keeps users from having to limit what they add to the machine. The food processor also keeps itself well protected. Because of the fact that tough ingredients can be run through it, this machine uses a super durable blending chamber. The chamber can withstand a lot of stress and hold up even after being used several thousand times. Lastly, the controls are easy to use and very versatile. They can meet any need and blend ingredients to whatever texture the user requires. These features make the Vitamix Professional Series 300 a fantastic device for the aspiring chef. Another great device from the Vitamix line is the Vitamix S30 if you need something smaller.

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